Online Kitchen Design - How to buy a kitchen from WKO?

Option A - Full Design Package.

Undertaking a major kitchen refurb can be a daunting prospect for many of us. With so many options and styles available not to mentions suppliers it can be a stressful undertaking. We recognise this and unlike many of our competitors we offer an on-line kitchen design and planning service to ensure your kitchen is correctly planned and the correct items are supplied.

What do I get?

 Full Colour 3D Images.

With the help of 3D photorealistic images you will see your new kitchen come to life. Working together we can visualise your intended space right down to preferred interior finishes. We can show you options for kitchen worktops, flooring and décor to help you decide on the best choice of finishes before you buy.

 Full Colour Elevations.

Coloured elevations provide an extra level of detail so you have all the detail required in order for your kitchen fit to proceed accurately. Used in conjunction with the plans and 3D images your installer is provided with all the information needed complete your kitchen installation.

  Scale Plans.

Accurate plans are created from your supplied dimensions. We help you to understand requirements for electrical and plumbing installations. All kitchen plans are numbered and annotated and provide clear instructions to your installer of how your fitted kitchen should be installed.

  Fully Itemised Quotation.

All WKO kitchen quotations are clear and easy to understand and detail exactly what components are included in your new fitted kitchen.

  Technical Help & Advice.

We support you or your installer throughout the entire process with any questions or queries you may have regarding our products.

What does it cost?


Download a Sample Kitchen Design » Buy it Now Its refundable Later »

Option B - FREE Quotation.

Free designs and plans are not something we do at WKO but for those customers who know exactly what they want we offer a free no obligation quotation service. We'll gladly supply a no obligation quotation from your own detailed lists. We aim to turn quotes round in a few hours but always within 24 hours. You can upload your plans directly from our home page.

What do I get?

  Full Colour 3D Images.

Sorry, 3D Images are only supplied as part of the full design package.

  Full Colour Elevations.

Sorry, elevations are only supplied as part of the full design package.

  Scale Plans.

Sorry, Scale plans are only supplied as part of the full design package.

 Fully Itemised Quotation.

From your supplied detailed list and plans we will provide a fully itemised quotation. Please don't sent us blank or architects plans unless they are fully annotated with the unit types required.

What does it cost?


We believe our on-line kitchen design service represents excellent value for money. We go one step further to provide you with a high quality kitchen planning service from the comfort of your own home. This is what our customers say about our service.

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